Current projects

Vitrified earth

Recently we experienced several downed power lines directly outside our house. As well as setting fire to our fence, where the live cables were in contact with the ground, they vitrified the surrounding soil, creating bizarre globular forms in a glossy substance as the earth was literally melted and turned to glass. These mineral deposits,… Read More

Landscapes and views

Living on an island, I am surrounded by stunning vistas, seascapes and headlands. I wanted to find a way to capture these views and frame them, exploring the textural possibilities of metal to indicate reflections, clouds and water.

Forming foliage

At the moment I’m intrigued by the foliage in the garden. The way the ivy climbs up the water tank just begs to be recreated as jewellery. I’m certainly not the first jeweller to think this, there is a long history of foliage as a motif in jewellery and decorative arts. From the Alphonse Mucha’s… Read More

Flying tui

These pieces were inspired by a territorial battle between a kereru and a tui in the garden outside my studio. With fruit ripening on the cherimoya and loquat trees, the local birds were spending a lot of time here. The kereru was a regular visitor, and wasn’t easily shifted from her favourite spot guarding the… Read More


I’m fortunate to live on Waiheke Island, so walks on the beach are a regular part of my daily routine. Amongst the pebbles and shells I often find pieces of seaglass, weathered and worn by the ocean over time into smooth organic shapes. Many of these pieces of glass are just crying out to be… Read More