These sterling silver rings are formed by soldering a band together, then adding small offcuts and wires while bringing the surface of the ring nearly to melting point, creating a puckered texture as the two pieces of metal fuse together. Further details are created by drilling and applying additional elements, then the piece is oxidised to blacken in a liver of sulfur solution before the high points are polished.

This piece is a one-of-a-kind casting in sterling silver mounted on brass chenier with a kinetic hollow-formed bead. Influenced by British modernists and their monolithic depictions of family, it explores the idea of children leaving the family nest and striking out on their own. This piece was a finalist in the 2021 Small Sculpture Prize.

Sterling silver and faceted garnet earrings.

Sterling silver and copper bracelet created using traditional Japanese kumihimo “gathered threads” techniques to braid 0.5mm silver and copper wire into a rigid hollow tube.

Sterling silver choker with monstera leaf links.

Sterling silver bangle with concave dome motif.

Geometric relief textured cuff in oxidised sterling silver.

The kereru triptych is an archway locket with a kereru seated on a branch on the front. The branches form the door closure mechanism. Inside the central panel features a brass flax plant, with pierced flax flowers. The inside panels of the doors feature copper nikau palms an relief.

The silvereye pendant is a layered piece formed from silver, brass and copper.

This choker is formed by sterling silver wire with a square profile, cold connected by flexible copper rivets to allow mobility.

The face of this ring is formed by a grid of framed sterling silver tubing sections. The ring shank is half round sterling silver.

Sterling silver indent rings in a variety of profiles and finishes feature indentations on the sides for comfort, while maintaining a chunky profile.