The kereru triptych is an archway locket with a kereru seated on a branch on the front. The branches form the door closure mechanism. Inside the central panel features a brass flax plant, with pierced flax flowers. The inside panels of the doors feature copper nikau palms an relief.

The silvereye pendant is a layered piece formed from silver, brass and copper.

This choker is formed by sterling silver wire with a square profile, cold connected by flexible copper rivets to allow mobility.

The face of this ring is formed by a grid of framed sterling silver tubing sections. The ring shank is half round sterling silver.

Sterling silver indent rings in a variety of profiles and finishes feature indentations on the sides for comfort, while maintaining a chunky profile.

The Rangitoto series features landscapes of Rangitoto island in gold, in a rectangular sterling silver frame with a variety of moods and finishes.

One-of-a-kind pieces and limited edition collections.

Each piece is crafted at my Waiheke Island studio, using hand fabrication techniques. Most pieces are one-offs, although I occasionally use lost wax casting to create multiple pieces or elements which are alike, cast from waxes which are formed by hand.

I avoid the use of commercial findings and components, with the exception of chain.

And inspired by New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna.

Many of the pieces I create are started from observations of the natural world, and a desire to translate them into objects. I often draw inspiration from birds, plants, insects, fish and the landscapes around me, as well as exploring shapes and the possibilities suggested by found objects and the materials themselves.

Pieces are fabricated and worked by hand using natural materials including silver, copper, gold, freshwater pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and ebony.

If you have an idea I can work with you to turn it into a unique piece. I am currently working on incorporating vitrified soil caused by an electrical fault into a wearable piece. I also enjoy working with found objects such as sea glass and shells.

All pieces are designed and crafted by hand.

Most pieces are fabricated from sterling silver sheet or wire, using accents of gold, copper and brass for colour variation. I use a variety of techniques including sawing, filing, drilling, soldering, hollow forming, casting and stone setting. Problem solving is integral to metalwork, and often the most satisfying aspect of the creation of a piece will be finding a solution to the unique difficulty of the design.

On occasion I use a commercial casting company to produce multiples of designs I have created in wax, using the lost wax casting technique, although I also do my own casting using a more primitive sand casting technique.